How does partnering with a staffing/temp agency work?

Recently, it has become clear that a lot of people who want to use our company are unsure of how we work.

This is an excellent opportunity to explain our services.

Strictly Staffing Inc. offers both temporary staffing, temporary to permanent staffing, and full time (permanent) staffing.

For each of these, before any candidate is invited to the office for an interview, we screen them via both their resume, and standardized testing. Only those candidates who score at a high level are then brought in for registration.

Our interview questions are developed to get to know the potential employee rather than the generic strengths and weaknesses question. We focus on who our employees are and try to match them with a company they will fit. Strictly tries to meet with all of our clients before placing an employee in order to understand the personalities that would be the best fit for a position.

If you are looking to hire a permanent employee through us, the two choices are temp to perm hiring, or straight through permanent recruitment.

Temp to perm works differently than regular recruiting. The way it functions is to allow you to essentially “try out” a new employee before they hire them on full time.

The selection process for each employee allows choices as well. You can do either of these for temp, temp to perm, or permanent.

We can send you resumes, you pick out which you like best and you can have interviews with those whose skills and experience you believe would fit with their team.

We can send you resumes, you choose who you would like best out of those resumes, and we send the person directly in.

Our last option is to give us a job description and where, and we will send one of our candidates directly to you to begin work ASAP.

If you hire an employee on a temporary basis, there is no “up front” cost. You pay us a bill rate which allows us to pay the employee wages. We take care of EI, CPP, and taxes.