Our Services

Strictly Staffing is proud to offer a full suite of unbundled recruitment services. Whether you are a small, medium, or large organization, we can provide a unique, customized solution for your your recruitment and talent needs. Our core services are recruitment, consulting and testing.

Recruitment Services

Temporary Staffing

Our company was built on being a staffing solutions partner. Whether you want staff for a short term event like a Christmas party, or a longer term position like the time it takes you to fill a position, we can help.

Permanent Search

We know that permanent hires can be hard, time consuming, and costly. We are here to help! Our recruitment team can get you through the whole permanent hire process. We gather talent that is actively seeking work in your field, while ensuring they are tested and their references are checked.

Talent Consulting

Sometimes, a fully-fledged recruitment service isn’t what you need. Strictly Staffing can help significantly reduce agency spend by providing Talent Consulting to help your organization to recruit better now and in the future. Our Consultants can coach and teach your organization the skills needed to:

Structure a recruitment plan & strategy

Develop stronger job postings

Screen resumes more efficiently

Qualify candidates more accurately

Conduct stronger interviews

Obtain more thorough references

Headhunt passive talent

Contact us to learn more about how Strictly Staffing can provide your organization with a customized Talent Consulting Program to fit your needs and budget.

Testing Services

If you have identified a potentially great candidate but want to be sure you’re making the right investment, Strictly Staffing offers Talent Services including formal skill testing and reference checking. Hire with confidence knowing that your next employee will have the skills, experience, background and personality that you need.

Our team can test and assess a wide variety of skills, including:

• Microsoft Office Suite
• Accounting, Bookkeeping & Finance
• Data Entry
• Language Skills
• Industry-specific Skills (e.g. Medical, Call Centre, Legal)
• Proofreading & Reading Comprehension

Contact us today to learn more about how Strictly Staffing can help you hire with confidence with a tailored Test Services solution.